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Privacy Statement Date:
ABOUT US (“we, us, our”): Name of Broker (we, us, our) Paul Woodley from LENDING.SYDNEY
Name of ACL holder Paul Woodley from LENDING.SYDNEY – ACL Number 377643
My Contact Details Mob: 0414 878 376, Email:
We need to collect personal information about you to provide you with our broking & related services. This privacy
statement tells you how we collect your information, what we use the information for and who we share the
information with. If we collect information that can be used to identify you, we will take reasonable steps to notify
you of that collection.
How information is collected from you: We will collect your information from you directly whenever we can, like from
enquiries we make of you when you seek credit assistance from us. We may verify that information from sources
referred to in the responses to those enquiries or in this privacy statement.
How information is collected from other sources: Sometimes we will collect information about you from other sources
as the Privacy Act 1988 permits. We will do this only if it’s reasonably necessary to do so, for example, where:
· we collect information from third parties about a loan or lease in relation to which you seek our services;
· we can’t get hold of you and we rely on public information to update your contact details; or
· we exchange information with your legal or financial advisers or other representatives.
When the law authorises or requires collection of information: Some law may require us to collect personal information
about you. E.G. we may require your information to verify your identity under Australian Anti-Money Laundering law.
How your information may be used: We may use your information for purposes including:
· giving you credit assistance;
· giving you information about loan products or related services;
· considering whether you are eligible for a loan or lease or any related service you requested;
· assisting you to prepare an application for a lease or a loan;
· administering services we provide, for example, to answer requests or deal with complaints;
· administering payments we receive, or any payments we make, relating to your loan or lease;
· identifying you;
· telling you about other products or services that may be of interest to you, unless you tell us not to;
· telling you about other suppliers, that supply goods or services that may be of interest to you;
· allowing us to run our business efficiently and perform general administrative tasks;
· preventing or investigating any fraud or crime or any suspected fraud or crime;
· as required by law, regulation or codes binding us; and
· any purpose to which you have consented.
You can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to receive direct marketing offers from us.
What happens if you don’t provide information? If you don’t provide your information to us, it may not be possible to:
· assist in finding a loan or lease relevant to your circumstances;
· verify your identity or protect against fraud; or
· let you know about products or services that might be suitable for your financial needs.
Sharing Your Information: We may share your information with other organisations for any purpose described above.
Sharing with your representatives and referees: We may share your information with:
· your representative or any person acting on your behalf (EG. lawyers, accountants or R/estate agents); &
· your referees, like your employer, to confirm details about you.
Sharing with third parties: We may share your information with third parties in relation to services we provide to you
or goods or services in which we reasonably consider you may be interested. Those third parties may include:
· the mortgage aggregator through whom we may submit loan applications to lenders on the aggregator’s panel;
· the Australian Credit Licence holder that authorises us to engage in credit activities;
· referrers that referred your business to us;
· financial services suppliers with whom we have arrangements;
· valuers;
· lenders, lessors, lender’s mortgage insurers and other loan or lease intermediaries;

· organisations, like fraud reporting agencies, that may identify, investigate and/or prevent fraud, suspected
fraud, crimes, suspected crimes, or other misconduct;
· government or regulatory bodies as required or authorised by law. In some instances, these bodies may share
the information with relevant foreign authorities;
· guarantors and prospective guarantors of your loan or lease;
· service providers, agents, contractors and advisers that assist us to conduct our business;
· any organisation that wishes to take an interest in our business or assets; and
· any third party to which you consent to us sharing your information.
Sharing outside of Australia: We are not likely to disclose your info to organisations overseas. However, we may store
your info in cloud or other types of electronic storage. As electronic storage can be accessed from various countries via
an internet connection, it’s not always practicable to know in which country your information may be held.
Privacy Policy: You can find out more about how we manage your information by reading our Privacy Policy available by
contacting us. Please see our contact details above. Our Privacy Policy sets out how you can ask us to access and seek
to correct information we hold about you and how you may complain against us about a privacy issue.
Information about other people: If you give information to us about another person (like your co-applicant) in relation
to the services we provide, you will let that other person know that:
· we have collected their information to provide those services or for any other purpose set out in this privacy notice;
· we may exchange this information with other organisations set out in this privacy notice;
· we handle their personal information in the way set out in our Privacy Policy and this privacy notice and they can:
· access or request a copy of that privacy policy or this privacy notice; or
· access the information we hold about that other person,
by using our contact details above; and
· we may not be able to provide those services to you unless we obtain their information.

Credit Guide Date: 23/04/2019

ABOUT ME: Licensee: Paul Woodley – ABN 39 181 292 170 Australian Credit Licence Number: 377643
Address: P O Box 666 Matraville NSW 2036 | Tel: 02 9661 1272 | Mob: 0414 878 376
Fax: 02 9661 1247 | email:
Broker Group Finance & Systems Technology Pty Ltd | ACN 092 660 912 | Credit Rep Number: 392527

This document provides you with information relating to my activities. It contains information about various fees and
charges that may be payable by you to me. It also contains information about what you should do if you have a
complaint or dispute in connection with my services as a credit licence holder.
WHAT IS CREDIT ASSISTANCE? When I assist you to apply for a particular loan, or I suggest you apply for a particular loan,
or suggest you apply for an increase to an existing loan, or I suggest you remain in your current loan.
assess whether the particular loan is suitable for you. To do this, I need to make reasonable inquiries and verify that,
the loan or increase will meet your requirements and objectives; and you can meet the proposed repayments.
I won’t be able to give you credit assistance if our assessment shows that, you won’t be able to meet the proposed
repayments without substantial hardship, or the loan or lease won’t meet your requirements or objectives.
GETTING A COPY OF MY ASSESSMENT: If I provide you with credit assistance, you can ask for a copy of my assessment
any time up to 7 years after I provide you with a credit assistance quote. To request a copy please contact me.
INFORMATION ABOUT THE LICENSEE: Subject to meeting credit criteria, I am able to assist you to obtain loans from a
broad range of lenders through my broker group. The following are the top 6 resi lenders I used over the last year, &
% of business: AMP – 12%, ANZ – 15%, CBA – 12%, ING – 8%, NAB – 8%, St George – 15%.
OWNERSHIP: Our broker group FAST, is owned by NAB, lenders on my panel owned by NAB include NAB & FASTlend.
We are not required to recommend any lender & are free to recommend whatever we regard as best for your
circumstances. Our business is owned and managed independently from the Broker group (FAST) & NAB.
FEES PAYABLE FOR THE PROVISION OF CREDIT ASSISTANCE – None. We are not a fee for service broker.
OTHER FEES & CHARGES: You may have to pay other fees/charges (such as application fees, valuation fees & other fees)
to the lender or other parties. You should review the disclosure docs and your loan contract for details of any such fees.
COMMISSIONS I RECEIVE: I receive commissions from lenders in relation to loans I settle. The commission I receive in
relation to your loan may vary depending on the lender, term, loan amount & timing of your repayments.
Residential property loans: Upfront comm payable by lenders is calculated as a % of the loan (generally in the range of
0.55% – 0.77% GST incl). Trail comm payable by lenders is calculated monthly on the loan (generally 0.165% – 0.22% / y).
Leases: Upfront comm is calculated as a % of the lease amount and is generally in the range of 2.5% – 4%. No Trail.
Further details of the commission earned by me is included in the credit proposal disclosure document.
COMMISSIONS PAYABLE BY ME – will be disclosed in my credit disclosure document.
WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A DISPUTE OR COMPLAINT? I am committed to providing my customers with the great
service. If you are not happy with my services please inform me so I can work towards a resolution.
HOW TO MAKE A COMPLAINT? If you have a complaint, I request you follow these steps:
1. Contact me immediately by phone, email, fax or mail.
2. Outline the nature of your complaint & what steps you would like me to take to rectify the situation.
3. If you send me a complaint in writing I will acknowledge this complaint with a phone call, or email reply.
4. I will then take steps to rectify any complaints you have as soon as is practical.
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 business days. If unable to resolve the complaint/dispute to your satisfaction
within 5 business days, we will write to you advising the procedures we will follow in investigating and handling your complaint.
Within 30 calendar days from the date you lodged the complaint with us, we will write to you advising you the outcome of the
investigation and the reason/s for our decision, or if required, we will inform you if more time is needed to complete the investigation.
THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES: If your complaint relates to a product or service acquired through a third party I
may ask you to contact that party. They will deal with your complaint under their complaints resolution process (CRP).
If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by the third party under their CRP, you are entitled to
have your dispute considered by their External Dispute Resolution Scheme. Please contact them for further details.
STILL NOT SATISFIED? If I have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you may take the matter to the Aus
Financial Complaints Authority (details below) free of charge. You may refer the matter to them at any time, but they
are likely to insist that my internal dispute resolution process is completed before further consideration.
AFCA -Aus Financial Complaints Authority | Tel: 1800 931 678 | Email:
Mail: GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001 | Online: